Israel is doing something on the Syrian border that no country would ever do

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel is saving the world. It’s true – you probably won’t here it on the mainstream news. But the humanitarian aid that Israel provides for injured Syrians as well as the world at large is honestly unbelievable.

Saving Syrians

Israel is literally saving people from an enemy country. Syria and Israel are not allies. Yet when injured Syrian victims come to the Israeli border, the IDF helps them as part of an operation known as Operation Good Neighbor. The IDF then brings them to various hospitals in Israel. When asked why Israel helps, Commander Ziv Fox responded, “Simply because it’s the right thing to do.”

Operating Good Neighbor also allows Syrians to view Israel in a different light. Syrians are taught to hate Israel. But then when they have nowhere to turn, and Israel is the country to help, sometimes their views change. They see the type of country Israel really is, and they no longer have to believe the lies told back home.

Humanitarian Aid Throughout the World

Not only does Israel provide humanitarian aid to injured Syrians, but they also provide help to those in need around the world. When an earthquake destroys Haiti, Japan, Nepal, or anywhere else, Israel is there to help. When African villages have no clean water, Israel is there to hep. It’s unreal what such a small nation can do for so many.

If only the world saw Israel through this lens. Israel is a country that, despite its own struggles, reaches out to other countries struggling. It’s a country that gives. When you realize what Israel is all about, what’s not to love?


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