The media hasn’t told you the truth about the Gaza border

by Avi Abelow

What’s happening on the Gaza border is TERRIBLE! And no, it’s not because of what the media tells you that Israel is doing. It’s because Hamas is trying to destroy Israel! They have been sending fire kites and explosives to harm Israelis and Israeli land. Did you hear about that in the Media? Probably not.

Facts Don’t Matter

What will it take for journalists to finally report fairly about the constant war of terror Israel faces in Gaza?

Anyone who follows the media reports of the Gaza terror the past few months should feel sick. The connection between the reporting and the truth is virtually non-existent.

No massacre has taken place. Israel is not to blame for the hundreds of rockets launched at our civilians. There was no connection to the US Embassy opening in Jerusalem and the months of Gaza terror attacks against innocent Israeli civilians. And there is no excuse to burn thousands of acres of Israeli land.

Where is the journalistic integrity on this life and death issue? Where are the hard-hitting questions against the attackers? For example, if the land is so important to the Arabs, then why are they enjoying burning it up on flames?

Terrorists Can Do No Wrong

According to the mainstream media, terrorists against Israel simply cannot do anything wrong. Even worse, they believe that Israel has no right to defend herself. No matter what we do or what we don’t do, the media paints us as always in the wrong. How else can we explain the consistent anti-Israel slant in the media?  For months straight, Hamas attacked Israel.  However the media insists that Israel is at fault.

Some Context

Has anyone in the mass media mentioned the proper context about the Hamas attacks on Israel?  What about the fact that Israel withdrew from the areas that Hamas now uses as launchpads to attack Israel?  Israel removed Jews from their homes in order to “Give peace a chance.”  In response, Israel received missiles instead – thousands of them.  There is a clear lesson here.  Wherever the Israeli Army controls the land, there will be quiet.  Wherever Israel does not control the land, attacks on Israel will come.

Headlines Ignoring Hamas

Hamas is an officially recognized terrorist organization. No matter what Hamas does to harm innocent Israeli citizens, the media always places the blame on Israel.

The New York Times reported on the protests with the headline “Israelis Kill Dozens in Gaza.”

The British Daily Mail devoted half of its front page to Gaza events, titling it “BLOODBATH: Scores dead, thousands wounded as Israel fires on Palestinians protesting over Trump’s new embassy.”

Al Jazeera wrote an article titled “Gaza’s Passover Massacre”

CNN Tops Them All

The Islamic Jihad recently gave a tour to a CNN reporter of the terror tunnels that they use to attack Israel.  CNN reported it as if these tunnels are legitimate battle tunnels of a legitimate army. They totally ignore that this is an Iranian funded terror group that has used these tunnels to terrorize innocent Israeli citizens! The purpose of the tunnels is to infiltrate Israel.  Once they are in Israel, the plan is to surprise Israelis in their homes and massacre them. Yet, the report ignores that critical fact.

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