Nazi Germany and CCP China: A Comparison That May Not Be Far Off

by David Mark

While comparing CCP run China to Nazi Germany may not be hundred percent airtight, the current tension between the West and the Communist run regime makes it important to understand the similarities between the two governments.

Watch the analysis below!

Nazi Germany was a one party totalitarian regime that used racial purity to help brainwash and galvanize support across the country. The current Chinese regime is culturally Han which uses the same sort of cultural themes in their approach for total control of their people. One can be Mongolian or Tibetan, both of which are deemed within the Chinese “genetic” umbrella but they must fit within the Han cultural exegesis.

The rest of humanity is deemed inferior from the Chinese in a genetic sense. This sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

It explains how they see America and its allies as inferior.

Furthermore, just like in Nazi Germany, all power as handed over to a totalitarian dictator with businesses needing party support to succeed, so too in mainland CCP run China. True, there are technology hubs and the seeming advancement in certain innovations, but this is far and few between. Most Chinese people live under the surveillance and brutal oppression of the Communist Regime in Beijing.

One such group, ethnic Uygurs are routinely discriminated against and over one million are being held in CCP run re-education camps, where their culture is being “exterminated.”

The reason this comparison is ultimately important to dig into and fully understand is that the West spent a long time helping to build the current menace they now face. Yet, it is important to understand that this menace is not a benign cultural competitor, but one that seeks to destroy the west due to its view that the Chinese Han are the superior race and culture on the planet. The Chinese under President Xi have moved fast in order to literally hijack the UN and take over whole areas rich in resources like Zambia, Kenya and others. They have paid off US politicians and used propaganda tricks to subdue the critical thinking of American citizens

So how can we defeat such an enemy?

I wrote the following the other day:

“In order to win, the USA must change from a consumerist and leisure focused economy. This economy and culture prides itself in building urban centers unparalleled in the history of the world, but must now switch to one that is capable of jettisoning the vacuous products pushed on it by the corporations. These corporations’ only goal is to drag the common person into an eternal relationship where no desire is ever truly fulfilled. In order to accomplish this America and its allies must return to their core ethos of Biblical values by both working the land, creating self sufficient industries, and developing interwoven and morally dedicated communities.”

I stick to the above formula for victory. While the current trajectory of the West may not appear to be positive, with renewal and recognization of the true nature of the threat, it can win.

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