Regardless Of Its Leader’s Fate, North Korea Will Be The Frontlines Of WW3

by David Mark

Rumors keep swirling on whether Kim Jong-Un is dead or alive. The fact that the 36 (or 38) year old despot who usually laps up the spotlight, (especially on national days of importance) has not been seen, is driving the non-stop rumor mill.

Media across the political spectrum is reporting that Jong-un is in a vegetative state.

However, the South Korean leadership, whose capital Seoul in direct line of fire from North Korean artillery has dismissed the reports of Kim Jong-un’s demise. One top official is reported to say “enough intelligence to confidently say that there are no unusual developments.”

So what’s next? If Kim Jong-un is dead, the CCP in Beijing will no doubt move to set up a puppet government. This will ensure that the North Korean role as its buffer state between South Korea and the US bases there remains intact.

If he is not dead, then life may continue as it has, but regardless, given the amount of US hardware on the peninsula and the current animosity between the CCP and the Trump administration growing daily, the Korean peninsula appears to be the first place where a Chinese-American direct confrontation will take place.

World War 3 is not going to be fought with Russia. Putin may be an adversary, but he is not a culture. The US cannot beat China outright. It may be able to hold off Beijing’s advance, but the Chinese culture ebbs and flows like an ocean current. Right now it is not yet high tide and there is still time to ready American and Western culture in a way that it can withstand the Chinese advance.

In order to win, the USA must change from a consumerist and leisure focused economy. This economy and culture prides itself in building urban centers unparalleled in the history of the world, but must now switch to one that is capable of jettisoning the vacuous products pushed on it by the corporations. These corporations’ only goal is to drag the common person into an eternal relationship where no desire is ever truly fulfilled. In order to accomplish this America and its allies must return to their core ethos of Biblical values by both working the land, creating self sufficient industries, and developing interwoven and morally dedicated communities.

If all of this can be done, America and its allies will be able to weather the Chinese storm. Chinese history show that its expansion eventually slows and retreats depending on internal considerations. In fact, it is known that Magellan’s journey around the world was only a success due to the trip coinciding with a period of Chinese contraction. This allowed Spain and Western Europe to move into Asia. At that point they were able to hold back the Chinese empire until modern times.

North Korea’s leader may be dead. Regardless, it is the frontlines of the next war. This war will be fought with more than weapons. Its outcome will be determined by the strength of the West’s connection to the very moral foundations it once strove to build itself on, but has not forgotten.

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