The world hero who almost died from COVID-19

by Phil Schneider

Eli Beer has been a hero for years. But now, even more people know about it. Eli’s story should inspire us all. Here it is in a short nutshell.

Eli Beer is probably one of the people in Israel who is responsible for saving more lives than any other one person in the entire State of Israel. Israel has always had an ambulance service called Magen David Adom. But Eli, a volunteer medic, realized decades ago that often the first ones to reach people in dire need were medics on motorcycles. He realized that if he could build up a network of volunteers who are first responders, then they could complement the good work of Magen David Adom and save more lives every day.

Not only did he succeed, he steadily built up his volunteer force into the most important network of Jews, Arabs, and Christians all over the State of Israel who stop everything in order to save lives. This happens 24/7 in nearly every city, town, and neighborhood all over the State of Israel. What he has built up is simply unbelievable – and very effective.

Now, Eli serves as a role model for how he dealt with what almost brought him to his death – the coronavirus. He found himself stuck in Miami and suffering from the virus. But due to wonderful medical care, he luckily came back and recovered. He deserved the royal welcome when he arrived back. There may never have been a person who deserved such excellent medical care as Eli Beer received.

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