AOC’s views on Coronavirus will ruin America’s economy

by Phil Schneider

The most brutal form of attack on any personality is to use their own words to prove how disconnected and shallow they are. Often, the critics of President Trump do this. It is very effective. After all, whether you support or do not support President Trump, there is no question that he is very adept at saying things that make even his biggest supporters cringe. But AOC does not say so many cringe worthy statements. She simply says many things that make a person wonder, “Does she really think that?”

Does AOC really think that going back to work is NOT a good thing? Does she think that President Trump is disconnected because he thinks that freedom means the ability to go back to work? One thing that can definitely be said about President Trump is that he is very much connected with the working man in America. He was raised in a well-to-do home. One could even argue that he was raised with silver spoons. But Donald Trump has always been a hard-working businessman. He does not rest very much and he truly understands and appreciates the hard-working American work ethic.

What has changed over the last decade or two are the hard-working ideas that helped build up America. This has not been past down to the next generation – to the millenials. They are simply not a hard-working group of people. This may seem like an over-generalization. But it is unfortunately very true. Hard work is nowhere as important to so many millenials as is freedom to say and do whatever they want, whenever they want. This is a group that would rather not have anybody tell them what to do, even if that means that they will spend hours/day in their rooms instead of getting up and working. AOC represents these people. Listen to her words. She indeed represents so much of what is wrong with the millenials.

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