Bibi’s response to Covid-19 could save the world

by Leah Rosenberg

What is the answer to beating this horrific virus? What can we do during the COVID-19 pandemic to make sure we come out stronger than before?

The Spiritual Answer to COVID-19

We have to deal with Covid-19 in the best way possible. We must put in our efforts and trust the doctors and researchers. But that is not the first answer. The first answer is the spiritual one. We must trust in G-d.

Rabbi Aron Moss, the rabbi of a community in Sydney, Australia, was asked the following: “This coronavirus thing has really thrown me. I feel like I’ve lost all sense of certainty. No one knows what will happen next. How do we stay sane when we don’t know what’s lurking around the corner?”

His response says it all:

“It is not that we have lost our sense of certainty. We have lost our illusion of certainty. We never had it to begin with. This could be majorly unsettling, or amazingly liberating.

This tiny virus of 125 nanometers has sent the entire world into chaos. All of our plans are up in the air, markets are going crazy, entire countries shutting down, and we have no clue what the future holds.

But that is always the case. We never know what the future holds. We only think we do, and keep getting surprised when things don’t pan out the way we expected. Now the mask is off. We have to admit our vulnerability.

What will happen next? We don’t know. Our experts don’t know. Our leaders don’t know. Only G‑d knows. And that is the point. Only G‑d knows.

Close your eyes and feel the uncertainty, make peace with it, let yourself be taken by it. Embrace your cluelessness. Because in all the confusion there is one thing you know for sure. You are in G‑d’s hands.

Keep calm. Panic and fear are also contagious. Take every precaution as advised by health authorities. Wash your hands well. And every time you do, remember whose hands you are in.” (Source:

Bibi Gets it

G-d is the Creator of the Universe. He has challenged the world with COVID-19. But He has also given us the ability to turn to Him in prayer. Yes, we must use the resources that G-d has put in this world to beat the virus, namely doctors and nurses, medications, medical equipment, and more. But using the physical aspects of the world should not come at the expense of ignoring that G-d controls the world.

The one constant we can rely on is G-d. Other things come and go. Other things fail. But G-d is always there. G-d does not fail. He listens. He cares about the human race. The question is, do we care about Him?

Bibi seems to get it, and Israel needs a leader that puts his faith in the One above. How can the Jewish state ever have a leader that ignores what Judaism is all about? G-d chose the Jewish people to be His nation. How dare we not choose Him! The world is filled with challenges and trying times. And we do not know why. But no matter what happens, G-d is the answer. Prayer is the answer. Faith is the answer.

Thank you, PM Netanyahu for understanding that.

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