Corona Pandemic: A Spiritual Perspective

by Avi Abelow

At this time of social distancing, let’s ask ourselves – were we ever truly connected?

The world is struggling to cope with the crisis of the Corona virus and we are all facing the same challenges and tests. What lessons can we learn? How can we turn this crisis into an opportunity to become better people? Rabbi Chaim Richman shares a lesson focusing on the Corona pandemic as an opportunity for both individual and global spiritual growth. With prayers for love, healing and health for all!


RABBI CHAIM RICHMAN: “The verse we read last week in Parashat Ki Tisa (Exodus 34:17) “You shall not make molten gods for yourself’ can also be read in Hebrew as ‘do not make a mask into a god”, or in other words don’t worship the corona.”

Rabbi Chaim Richman has issued a very timely and striking Torah lesson for the Coronavirus crisis. The ten-minute class has already been viewed by thousands of people worldwide giving comfort and perspective on this unprecedented new reality. Arguably his most striking statement comes from the Torah portion of last week (Exodus. 34:17) in which G-d warns the people of Israel: “You shall not make molten gods for yourself’ can also be read in Hebrew as ‘do not make a mask into a god”, or in other words don’t worship the corona.

A full transcript of the class is available on request.

Rabbi Chaim Richman is a world-renowned teacher, author, motivational speaker and authority on the Holy Temple, who teaches the spiritual dimensions of Torah to a universal audience.

His online Torah teachings have reached 10 million views. He has been featured on the front page of the New York Times Magazine, and has spread the light of Torah through top-tier international media including FOX News and CNN.

For three decades, Rabbi Richman has stood at the forefront of actively preparing for the building of the Holy Temple. He established the International Department of the Temple Institute and was instrumental in successfully preparing the majority of the vessels and plans necessary for the resumption of Temple service.

Today he directs Jerusalem Lights, a non-profit organization which focuses on transmitting the word of G-d from Jerusalem to the world.

An unconventional Torah teacher, Rabbi Richman’s teachings are sensitive and personable.  His transcendent approach to the fundamentals of Jewish thought is universal, nurturing all spiritual seekers with love and compassion. He speaks to both Jewish and non-Jewish audiences who are seeking a greater understanding of the authentic Jewish paths to spiritual growth and personal development. Through his scholarship and the personal relationship he establishes with his students and the many who seek his counsel, he has touched the lives of thousands the world over. He has published over a dozen works of Torah wisdom.

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