This Israeli Politician Who Wants to be Prime Minister is Endangering Lives

by Avi Abelow

Yair Lapid, the leader of the Yesh Atid faction of the Blue & White party dreams of toppling Netanyahu and himself becoming Prime Minister of Israel one day. He was advised to sit back and allow Benny Gantz to be the party leader since he had a better chance of beating Bibi, but Lapid is waiting patiently for his turn. This video proves how he would be a disaster because he is not looking out for the best interests of the Israeli people at all.

As the coronavirus pandemic spreads to more & more people in Israel, Yair Lapid, Blue and White’s number 2, claims Israel is now a “dictatorship” due to Netanyahu’s handling of the crisis in having everyone stay home to stop the spreading. It seems his hatred for PM Netanyahu has made him go insanse and ignore headline news from around the world of the other countries and cities telling people to stay in their homes like Italy, Spain, cities in the US etc.

This video of his is sick & totally irresponsible! Now people in Tel Aviv are not staying home saying that it is just a political ploy by Netanyahu. Totally ignoring the fact that MANY countries are telling people to stay home to stop the spread. Lapid is NOT a leader, he is a sick man who should be kept far away from any leadership position.

With his sick obsession to topple Bibi at all costs, even partnering with the anti-Israel Joint Arab list party, today Yair Lapid took a step that endangers Israeli lives! He is basically hinting to Israelis that they should go against the directives of the Health Ministry and go outside, even with the dangers of the contagious coronavirus. That is utterly irresponsible. He is not a leader. He is a pathetic loser, obsessed with taking down Bibi and willing to endanger the lives of Israelis in doing so.

Please G-d, Lapid, Gantz, Yaalon and their whole Blue & White one issue “anti-Bibi” party will disappear from the political scene as quickly as they have appeared. They are a disgrace and now also a danger.

This Morning…

Yair Lapid is encouraging protestors to drive to Israel’s parliament and protest, basically supporting citizens to go against Health Ministry directives to stay home to help keep people safe from spreading the virus. Horrible!

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