Never Give Up – A New Song About The Land Of Israel

by Phil Schneider

This is exactly what we need now in these turbulent times. We need to renew our spirit, with the spirit of King David. Jeremy Gimpel is a visionary, and also a great singer. But he doesn’t merely speak eloquently about the Land of Israel. He lives in the Judean Desert and lives a life of spirituality and rebuilding in the parts of the Land of Israel where King David came up with some of his Psalms while pondering the wonders of the Creator.

This is a time to make sure to remind ourselves that there is a Creator who has a Divine Plan that is driving everything that is presently going on in the worldwide pandemic virus. It is our job to pray to God now for hope, light, and inspiration. Remember this song, and take up Jeremy’s offer to own his book and learn the Biblical way of waking up in the morning.

Lastly, e-mail Jeremy and learn the bible with Jeremy. This is a dark time and the light and clarity that Jeremy brings to the world is exactly what we need. Let us learn from Jeremy how to live, how to be with our family, and how to go back to the basics, and reconnect to who we are, and why we are in this world, and what the purpose of life is all about. Perhaps this calamity will actually turn into the greatest gift that God has ever given the world.

Subscribe to the Land of Israel Fellowship, an exclusive virtual seminar led by Jeremy Gimpel and Ari Abramowitz. With live weekly interactive sessions and ongoing personal mentorship, take your relationship with Israel to the next level. Now is the time to join the Biblical destiny of Israel, through the Torah of the Land, directly from the Mountains of Judea.

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