Count Your Blessings Now!

by Sandra Cohen

Massive Changes in Our Interaction With Others

Hashem gave us the most remarkable ‘bracha’ that we possibly took for granted when we were able to use it for free. Without health issues involved.

That blessing was that we can shake hands with strangers, kiss and hug the people that we cared about and loved. Now we can see how not being able to shake hands, kiss or hug or for that matter not even get close to another human being leaves us feeling much harder to cope with the situation as it is.
In addition, to not being able to even sit next to someone on a bus when it is operable and limited. We have become alienated and socially inept in knowing how to handle all of this. Perhaps Hashem is saying you didn’t know how to make peace or be grateful with the blessings I gave you and that to have the comfort of another human being close to you even with a simple touch, now try to do it all on your own. You all had the chance to comfort and be there for one another when it wasn’t an emergency – why didn’t you when you were able to – now you want to when you feel isolated yourself. How does it feel?

I do not like when a rabbi assumes he knows why we are suffering and what the antidote would be, as we are not prophets but perhaps given a simple message from my heart may be used instead of assuming.

As I am not a preacher, a rabbi or an atheist I believe we should take a message that is rather clear to just be kind to one another and make this world a warm, joyful and above all to care more for each other while we still have the chance to turn this message around. Hopefully its not too late. Make peace with yourselves and with others as much as possible. At the very least you will have known that you tried.  How another person deals with their blessings is not your problem, it is theirs. Be part of the help, not the hurt.

How many other blessings have we not taken advantage of and show gratefulness?

All levels of society are included in this message.
The stakes are high.

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