America At War – Learn The Truth About China And The Coronavirus

by David Mark

The stock market is crashing, panic ensuing, and there is a fear of the unknown as job losses keeps accelerating. Coronavirus is just a flu right? Wrong. While it is true that most deaths are people who are older or have other health issues, thats where the comparison ends and thats what makes COVID-19 dangerous.

This novel coronavirus called COVID-19 was said to originate in the wet market of Wuhan, China – through bat soup. Of course that was the initial claim of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and that was what was picked up by the main stream Western media in January.

Most people assumed this was another SARS outbreak and so when President Trump closed air travel between China and the USA, many observers were caught off guard. While COVID-19 is a SARS like coronavirus, there are some differences. COVID-19 spreads in an exponential pattern that spreads through asymptomatic people. This makes it very hard to control and is the real reason why countries are shutting their borders.

When people suggest that this virus is not fatal in most people, it disregards the challenge that the high percentage of acute cases pose for healthcare systems across the world. While it’s true it can be managed at small levels, the exponential growth of the cases over a short period is what crashes systems putting even younger patients in danger.

Where Is The Virus Really From?

Back to the origins of this virus. While the CCP was originally successful in propagating the myth that this virus started in the Wuhan wet market, some politicians like Senator Tom Cotton asked important questions early on about the truth of COVID-19’s origins.

Cotton insisted that there was no coincidence behind the fact that the P4 Bio Research Lab that dealt specifically with coronaviruses was also located in Wuhan. This lab was researching the correlation between bats and coronaviruses as early as 2015.

While most mainstream news outlets took the CCP’s side on the story and lambasted Cotton as a “warmonger,” no one doubts the CCP’s lack of transparency as aiding and abetting the spread of the virus.

Whether the virus originated in the P4 Lab or not, no one will ever be able to prove it since the CCP has spread misinformation from the beginning, including the death rate in Wuhan.

With the above in mind, one can now understand why the Trump administration is beginning to lay the ground work against China’s involvement in launching off either a bioweapon conceived in a lab or one conveniently cultivated in a wet market nearby right after the Trump administration began to dismember China’s control over the United States economy.

Now, it appears that it is China who has the last laugh. After all, with the US economy in free fall due to its dependence on cheap products from China, coupled with leisure businesses that require public socializing, Trump’s reelection is in doubt. More than that, both the EU and America are heavily dependent on Chinese base ingredients for their pharmaceuticals, putting recovery and treatment in doubt, unless the US and others beg China to step in and help. In fact, while China has appeared to freeze the growth of COVID-19 (although their reports are probably dubious), the exponential spread of the virus elsewhere now enables the CCP to control tempo of US reaction to their initial opening up of this pandora’s box.

This is why the coronavirus aka COVID-19 is only the beginning of a far wider stage of global disruption. As the economy in the West collapses, disorder and chaos will come. WW3 may not be what we think as the Chinese have opened up with a devastating salvo against America and its Western allies.

Truth about COVID-19 and its origins is key to remaining level headed about what is coming. Unity and cultural cohesion as well as selflessness and kindness to one another are the main attributes that will help countries ravaged by this “weapon” get through it with manageable outcomes.


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