What Will President Trump Do If China Takes North Korea?

by David Mark

While COVID-19 rages across the world, China maybe on the move once again. This time, it is to bring “stability” to North Korea as the despotic regime begins to crack if current rumors of arch villain Kim Jong Un’s demise are true.


It has been clear to most of us who cover China (as well as other BRICS countries) that the Xi regime would begin to move towards actively carving out China’s ancient Empire again.

It is important to note while North Korea is often viewed as a Chinese puppet, it is not. Kim Jong has never been viewed by the Chinese Communist Party as completely controllable.

If Kim Jong Un is in fact on death’s door, the ensuing fall out of his death would lead to an implosion within the regime and millions of famished and brainwashed citizens looking for some sort of order. China has been on the move over the last few years and could easily make the case that it needs to enter North Korea in order to stabilize it.

Tibet, Hong Kong South China Sea, North Korea?

China has always had a long term strategic outlook on its global aspirations. Trump’s ascendancy shifted its calculus and President Xi has ultimately used the pandemic to make his move against the West far more active than before.

If the Chinese Liberation Army moves into North Korea and ultimately on the South Korean border, President Trump may decide to act. The challenge is that most people would see China as a welcome change to a despotic dictator who thinks he is God.

The problem with that assumption is if China moves into North Korea it would give the Chinese regime open access to the Sea of Japan for the first time since the Korean war.


Map from Google

In order for President Trump to keep the impression of stability in East Asia and prevent an arms race and a resurgent Japan, he would have to act. Furthermore, any expansion by China would further accentuate American weakness in the face of the USA’s newest enemy.

While the Wuhan virus may have been an accidental biological weapon by way of a laboratory leak, China’s expansive actions against its neighbors form a grave threat to an already deteriorating global situation. Its moves are fully calculated to take advantage of America’s fading capabilities to contain a nemesis it doesn’t truly understand.

If King Jong Un dies, expect the Chinese-American cold war to turn a lot warmer than it is.

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