War Between China and USA May Be Unavoidable

by David Mark

While most people point to the COVID-19 pandemic as a tipping point in the relationship between China and the USA, the fact is both countries have been cruising towards a conflict over the last few years.


What COVID-19 did was to spark and speed up the collision course the two countries were already on.

China’s ascendency has been in the making for some time. Students of history understand that the Chinese empire always ebbed and flowed depending on internal decisions without regard to outside influence.

This Chinese regime, sees the world no different than its ancestors did. The challenge now is that the slow takeover of the global economy that the Chinese Communist Party assumed was inevitable crashed into President Trump’s anti-China policy.

Due to COVID-19, the American people, whether they like Trump or not have come to realize that he has been right on China.

The Chinese regime relied on a lazy Western culture to buy cheap products from them and in a sense power the Western world’s own demise. Now that this has not happened, the regime will need to build new outlets for its slave labor driven economy.

In a sense, one can view this time period as being parallel to pre World War 2. We are clearly entering a global economic meltdown. When economies fall, passions have a habit of rising high.

Will China and the USA fall back before it is too late? It is possible that President Trump loses and the Deep State run junta takes over the USA again. They would see no reason to hook the States back up to Chinese driven supply lines. While this would dampen the possibility of open conflict, it would increase America’s reliance on it sworn enemy.

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