The Israeli Spirit Overcomes the Quarantine

by Phil Schneider

The Israeli population is used to being disciplined in times of war. Every decade or so, Israel has a national emergency. It is a sad reality when you live in a dangerous neighborhood. But, it has hardened and prepared the Israeli public for the present coronavirus madness. The Israeli population is basically under quarantine today in order to stem the fast spread of the virus.

From 1947 – 1948, the entire Israeli population was part of the War of Independence. The city of Jerusalem was in siege and Israelis needed to ration their food for an extended amount of time. Even after Israel won the War of Independence, they needed to be careful with food for a few years due to massive immigration. There was actually a Minister in the government who’s main task was to insure the proper rationing of food and basic supplies.

In the spring of 1967, the Israeli population found themselves suddenly surrounded on multiple sides by dangerous foes – Egypt in the south, Syria in the north, and Jordan in the Center. Nearly everybody in the country was mobilized, either into the Army, or into some sort of national service to volunteer with hospitals, mail delivery, and garbage pickup.

Just six years later, the entire country was caught unprepared in the Yom Kippur War. In a matter of hours, hundreds of thousands of soldiers rushed from the synagogues to the battlefields. The rest of the country prepared for the worst. In 1982, Israel’s north endured a constant barrage from the PLO in Lebanon. Then, in 1991, Iraq threatened the entire country during the Persian Gulf War. The entire Israeli population wore gas masks over a span of time of 2 -3 months whenever a siren sounded. Miraculously, nearly nobody was hurt despite a barrage of 39 Scud missiles that rained down on Israel from Iraq. But Israel endured.

Israel will endure this calamity and come out stronger once again as in the previous times.

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