Tolerance Has Been Hijacked by the Left. PragerU Cuts Across the Lies.

by Phil Schneider

Tolerance is a wonderful value. The problem is that today, tolerance actually means intolerance. Yes, it is as simple as that. Tolerance according to the Left today means shutting down anything that I don’t agree with. This is beyond horrible. True tolerance is all about respect of people, but arguing about ideas. Today, ideas that are not toeing the line of the left are rejected out of hand. We need a reset.

Tolerance is one of the most cherished values of the American way of life. We lucky people who were born in the United States take it for granted that we have freedom and tolerance in our lives. But, to this very day, throughout vast areas of the world, tolerance – whether religious or political, does not exist in any way. The Middle East, China, and much of the former Soviet Union, are places that do not have a whole lot of religious and political freedom. Tolerance is simply not a major value in these places. Therefore, it is easy for people who have so much freedom to not remember how valuable freedom is since they have always had freedom in their lives.

Tolerance needs to be taught to the left. The left has become militant and close-minded, and yes – ignorant. We need the left to come back to normalcy. But it will only happen when attitudes of intolerance on the left are clearly pointed out via videos like these. PragerU does the world a great service with this and other videos.

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