Chinese Regime Preventing Research On Coronavirus

by David Mark

As the Western world figures out that they have been misled by the Chinese Communist Party about the origins of the Wuhan Coronavirus, the Chinese regime has started to delete information online.

So what are they scared of?

The origins of the Wuhan Coronavirus clearly points to the bio lab in Wuhan. While no one believes that the the Chinese regime manufactured this to attack America and the West, many experts are starting to believe that they worked to proliferate the virus’ spread once it was clear what they were dealing with.

Remember, the Chinese Communist Party, which controls every facet of life in China, obstructed the WHO and pushed off requests from the Trump administration to have the CDC inspect Wuhan.

The fact is the Chinese regime has never worried about using its own citizens as fodder in their war against the West. The regime still views itself as a revolutionary movement bent on taking over the world.

Unlike Russia that now appears to be okay with regional supremacy, the Chinese Regime has ben large parts of East Asia, the Middle East, Near East, and Sub Sahara Africa to its will.

The challenge for China has always been a reactive and independent USA. Trump’s push back against the regime resonated with blue collar America and his tariffs were beginning to seriously hurt the Chinese regime’s ability to hold the Chinese economy together.

This is why the Chinese regime is trying to block research on the virus. As we have seen, they are fearful that their narrative will fall apart and at this point it is only their narrative that is hold the world back from finally deciding to face one of the worst regime’s in the world.

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