The Origin of the Wuhan Coronavirus Is Key To Handling The Coming Chaos

by David Mark

When the novel coronavirus or COVID-19 first broke onto the world in late January, the original narrative from the Communist Chinese Party (CCP) was that it was a naturally occurring virus that had originated in bats sold at the Huanan Seafood market in Wuhan.


While most mainstream news sites ran with the CCP’s propaganda, experts were quick to question China’s official story. The first was the realization that the now infamous patient 0 had no contact with the Huanan Seafood market. The second was that bats were not sold at the market.

This second piece of information is key, because the genome sequence of COVID-19 closely matches other viruses naturally occurring in bats. In fact, it is not admitted that the Chinese Liberation army collected bat samples in whom they found related viruses.

Remember, within 300 meters of the seafood market is the Wuhan bio lab. This bio lab is almost completely focused on studying the ability of bat coronaviruses to jump and mutate to effect humans.

Experts have noticed that certain aspects of the virus appear to be lab driven. Most notably the power for this virus to easily invade human cells is not something that naturally mutates.

The Chinese Communist Party shut down work on the gene sequence and closed down transparency on the origins of the virus. While most of the mainstream media outlets in the beginning refused to focus on the Wuhan Bio Lab’s initial role as the real origin of the virus, more and more outlets and politicians appear to understand that what the world is dealing with is more likely than not, a synthetic and lab driven virus – making it very deadly and a game changer between the West’s relationship with China.

The Chinese Regime has utilized the outbreak to exert control of a world economy in collapse. It has offered solutions in the form of economic slavery and most alarmingly used the virus to begin pushing for a reordering of the global order.

It is hard for most people to get their mind around the idea that the CCP has been lying. More so it is even harder to understand that now that the USA and many other Western capitalist countries are in complete free fall that it is the CCP that is poised to take over.

We must understand that the Wuhan COVID-19 virus is the first shot across the bow in a new type of warfare. Will the American public wake up before it is too late? Or will the Western culture, drunk on cheap products and expanding consumerism let their need to fulfill their base desires blind them. The choice is now in front of all of us.

Change or be taken over.

Motivation for Terror
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