The Smallest Priestly Blessing Ever

by Phil Schneider

The Priestly blessing at the Western Wall is a daily occurrence that happens tens of times in tens of groups of prayer. It is a Biblically ordained commandment that Jews who’s lineage is traceable back to the first High Priest, Aaron, should give the blessing to the Jewish people that God ordained.

Every year, at the holiday of Passover and Tabernacles, there is a massive Priestly blessing. Thousands of Priests from all over the world come to bless the tens of thousands of people who throng into the Western Wall Plaza. It is an event that many see as a highlight of the holiday. This year, it was limited to just ten people. That was all. There was simply not enough justification to allow in more than that due to the great danger of the coronavirus pandemic.

Even though the State of Israel has seen little more than one hundred deaths, this is largely due to the strict measures that the leadership instituted among the masses. The Western Wall plaza usually has tens of thousands of people praying there every day of the Holidays. But, Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has closed down every synagogue in order to save lives. It has worked. And since it was done swiftly, Israel has barely any crowded hospitals, and no major outbreaks that have spun out of control. May the prayers of these and other Priests for a world of peace be answered!

New Israeli Prime Minister
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