Ben Shapiro’s Advice On How To Make It Through Corona

by Phil Schneider

Yes, Ben Shapiro on the violin is an important method of how to get through this crazy time we are living in. This is not nonsense at all. It is exactly what we all need to be doing in this time of this world pandemic. Without a question, it is time for all of us to think out of a box and to come up with the most important things for us to do to get through the challenging situation that we all find ourselves in.

Ben Shapiro is a phenomenon of the last decade. He has gradually, yet very quickly built up an enormous following based on his intellect and ability to eloquently explain in the most reasonable manner the arguments that he believes are relevant for the masses. Yes, he is a conservative. But he does not fit that well into many of the stereotypes that we may be accustomed to. For example, he did not vote for President Trump. He didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton either. But he has made it rather clear that President Trump will almost definitely have his vote in 2020 based on the impressive accomplishments of the last few years.

The main thing that Ben Shapiro represents is reasonableness. He is not just an excellent debater. He is very reasonable. He has no problem admitting when he messes up and makes mistakes. He has no problem apologizing. But he rarely loses a debate and is indeed, usually right on. So, when he opens up a bit about his personal life and shows us what he does in this time period, it’s more than just a cutesy video – it’s news.

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