COVID-19: China’s Plot To Take Out Trump’s Tariffs

by David Mark

Most major economic experts now agree – President Trump’s tariffs against the Chinese Communist Party were beginning to work. This is why the pandemic’s timing appears far more than just mere coincidence.

Perhaps, one of the most interesting aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic is the way it has swung and shifted the power structure throughout the world.

For nearly two decades, the West, led by the USA decided that China’s long distance supply chains could be used to produce cheap products for an increasingly consumer driven Western economy.

While this has produced a near endless ability for Americans to buy on the cheap whatever they want, it has also given way to a symbiotic relationship with a regime that has little interest in following human rights norms. The Chinese Communist Regime needs the US consumer as much as the consumer needs cheap Chinese products.

President Trump, rightfully tackled the effect of Chinese products and supply chains on America’s blue collar workers and decided to finally target China as the main culprit to the USA’s troubled middle class.

Just when President Trump appeared to have the Communist regime backed into a corner, the COVID-19 Pandemic breaks. According to the trade agreement Presidents Xi and Trump signed there is an escape clause in the agreement that allows China to drop out of it if a pandemic arises.

The Chinese Communist Regime may not have designed COVID-19 as a bio-weapon, but it has used it as such. The real challenge to all of this is that it is in fact the Western culture itself (from the corporations down to the consumer) that has enabled the Chinese Regime to gain this much power over it.

America and its allies have become slaves themselves. Slaves to unfulfilled desires that the Chinese are far too eager to pretend to fulfill.

The moment the West decides to change what it runs after is the moment the Chinese Regime loses all control, but of course that would mean the Western world will cease to be itself – maybe at the end is what truly needs to happen.

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