NYC Mayor Singles Out Jews For Breaking Coronavirus Rules

by David Mark

It is happening again. Slowly and methodically at first, this creeping blame game is now picking up steam. Is this the beginning of laying the blame for the spread of coronavirus in NYC on Jews? Mayor Bill de Blasio essentially singled out Orthodox Jews for gathering together at a funeral as responsible for spreading coronavirus.

We all knew this was coming. The blame game for spreading coronavirus is beginning with one of the hardest hit communities in NYC – the Jewish community. The idea that the mayor of NYC should focus on them is absurd and borderline anti-semitic.

The mayor used a funeral to blast the observant Jewish community. The problem is, the funeral was outside and complied with current regulations.

This should be a warning to Jews in NYC and elsewhere that they are not immune to collective anti-semitism. With Aliyah is already up it is time to understand and internalize that America is changing. No longer can Jews rely on it as a safe haven. Furthermore, the economic fallout makes it a very dangerous place.

De Blasio’s comments may be shocking, but they are nothing new. Every country Jews have traversed they go from outsiders to insiders and then are blamed for the problems of that country. The USA is no different.

Bill de Blasio may think he means well and is only encouraging those in his city to be safe and healthy, but he has now opened up a flood gate of antisemitism that will engulf the country.

It is time for Jews in the USA to come home. Israel may have its challenges, but we can now say on its 72nd Independence Day, it is the best place for Jews to be.

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