Battle Breaks Out Between Egyptian and Israeli Troops

by David Mark

A major escalation between Egypt and Israel occurred today at the Rafah crossing. Egyptian troops reportedly fired upon Israeli troops manning the now liberated Rafah crossing triggering a deadly Israeli response that saw two Egyptian soldiers killed.

Egyptian warnings over Israel’s Rafah campaign have been unrelenting since the its start on May 4th. Egypt’s behavior only seems strange to those who assume that the El Sisi regime sees Hamas as an arch enemy. True, Egypt’s leader does not want Hamas inside Egypt, however evidence from Israel’s Rafah operation clearly shows Egyptian collusion with Hamas on a frightening scale.

The 50 tunnels IDF troops found leading from Egypt to Gaza prove that Egypt is no friend of the Jewish State. On the contrary, it appears the El Sisi regime’s preparation for war over the last few years is for this moment. Hamas’ Sinwar may have his own agenda, but Egypt clearly wants to weaken Israel by using Hamas in Gaza as it the Egyptian army prepares for all out war with Israel. By supplying Hamas with weapons and assistance, Egypt has utilized Hamas to bog the IDF down.

Today’s skirmish is the beginning of what appears to be a calculated increase in tensions between the two countries. The escalation will increase until Egypt will claim it has no choice but to go to war with a very weak Israel – one that is isolated on the world stage and surrounded by enemies.


renski May 27, 2024 - 8:01 pm

I watched a Jonathan Pollard video, wherein he spoke about Egypt going against Israel CHAS VE SHALOM, he was saying, why does Egypt need such a big army other than to fight Israel CHAS VE SHALOM, every video i have watched if his, and what he has strategised has come to pass. CHAS VE SHALOM the IDF should recruit him, by now we would have won this war hands down

renski May 27, 2024 - 8:56 pm

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