The Perfect Response to the ICC’s Arrest Warrant for Bibi

by Leah Rosenberg

This Jewish comedian gave a spot-on response to the ICC’s arrest warrant for the Israeli prime minister. It’s humorous and so accurate.

The Absurdity of the ICC’s Arrest Warrant for Bibi

For those willing to be honest, the ICC’s arrest warrant for Bibi is one of the most absurd things that can happen in today’s world. The corrupt and twisted way of thinking by some of the international world has come to an extremely low point. What the ICC is trying to do is so beyond ludicrous it actually seems like it’s a joke.

It is so obviously antisemitic. To equate the leader of a free and thriving democracy to the leader of a vicious and evil terror group is outrageous. You don’t have to love Bibi Netanyahu or all of his policies to agree that what the ICC is doing is wrong. Any sane person should be able to admit that the ICC is absolutely crazy.

Sometimes, we have to laugh a bit so we don’t cry. And Jewish comedian Yechiel Jacobs nailed it with this response to the ICC’s insanity.

The world will regret not having stood with Israel. G-d will NOT bless those who curse His people. If Biden and the rest of the so-called freedom-loving world can’t see that, shame on them.

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