Dr. Phil Unmasks the Disturbing Truth of Who’s Really Behind the “Pro-Palestine” Protests

by Phil Schneider

Professional anti-Israel and anti-American rabble rousers are making a lot of noise across college campuses in the USA. But it is much more than that. We are witnessing the beginning of the practical results of woke attitudes that have largely taken over the minds and feelings of a vast number of young people today across America.

Little more than a decade ago, Facebook was the most rapid expanding platform that the Internet had ever seen. Everybody knew that something major was going on and spoke about social media being the wave of the future. It was clear that this was irreversible, but very unclear what the long term impact would be and whether it could be controlled. 
One thing was clear – Marc Zuckerberg was fact becoming one of the most powerful people in the world as the youth were all-in on his platform. 

There have actually been many positive sides to the social media explosion. First off, people became connected to all kinds of people all over the world more easily. Although online social connections sometimes have a sinister side to them, most of the time, they are actually quite positive and enable many people to feel less isolated. Additionally, platforms such as LinkedIn have catapulted effectiveness for high-end users by enabling fast research and connection to other professionals. The entire online advertising industry has become super-focused via behavioral targeting which eliminates wasteful ad spend on overreach.

But more than anything else, the social media explosion has accelerated the spread of ideas – both good and bad – in ways that are unprecedented. Organization of rallies, mobs, demonstrations, support groups, hate mail, and more have all become things that are done with lightning speed. The war of ideas is truly on, and it is taking place and shifting at a fast and furious pace. The younger generation in America is not as ignorant and monolithic as many may think. Woke university students are not unintelligent. They have simply bought into ideas that have flooded their Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter feeds. 

Dr. Phil has taken a stand on the matter of Israel where nobody would have faulted him for standing aside. More brave personalities like him are needed in order to inform and gain ground on the war of ideas. We have the truth and the ideas of freedom, true liberal ideas, and light of G-d on our side. Never give up.

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