Bahrain worries about a future with Biden’s policies and Iran

by Phil Schneider

Joe Biden is not Barack Obama. He was his Vice President and was involved in many of Obama’s foreign policy decisions. But he does not share his world views on all matters. The problem as far as Israel goes is that Joe Biden has not distanced himself from the Obama policies on Iran. He views Donald Trump’s policies of drying up Iran economically as wrong and has pledged to reverse them. There is much to be concerned about here.

This is no longer merely the age-old, “Will he be pro-Israel or not” line of thinking. President Trump made a sea change in the Middle East on multiple levels. He completely disrupted the idea that the key to peace in the Middle East lies with the so-called “Palestinian” issue. Bahrain, UAE, and soon other countries are all proving that they want to be part of a prosperous future with Israel. They, along with Israel, fear Iran more than anything else. A Biden or Harris presidency that plans on appeasing Iran and easing sanctions will be a catastrophe for multiple countries in the Middle East. It is time for the Arabs that are threatened by Iran to step up to the Democrats and say that we don’t care who the President is – just don’t appease Iran.

Biden understands the Middle East very well. But he has been surrounded by too many Obama advisors who have wrong ideas on the Middle East. The key to changing his mind will be the moderate Arab countries. Otherwise, we will have four years of backward progress.

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