How the outcome of US elections will affect Israel, America, and the world

by Leah Rosenberg

There are so many factors in what’s happening with the US elections. There are the candidates, the censorship, Israel, and more. Here is a great analysis.

US Elections Analysis

This is not only about Israel and which president is best for Israel. The US elections are about the democratic process. Whichever party one identifies with, he should want the process of picking a president to be legal and according to what the American people want.

What Israel Unwired’s Avi Abelow discusses in this interview is crucial information. Censorship does not just affect companies and people on an individual level. Censorship is literally changing what people think about Israel, the United States, elections, presidents, and the world.

The mainstream media leaves out the truth. They leave out critical points in news stories. And it is truly a terrible thing. Censorship is not a joke.

It is completely absurd that people are dismissing the claims of irregularities as fake news without any desire to investigate them for the sake of ensuring all Americans trust the process. If the allegations of election fraud and the illegal activity are false, then the investigations will confirm that. There should be nothing to hide if the allegations are false. Transparency and trust should be the most important thing right now.

Trump’s Accomplishments

Toward the end of the interview, Avi points out the facts on the ground. The differences between the Obama/Biden administration and the Trump/Pence administration are huge. There is hardcore evidence that Trump has been better for Israel. And he has also been better for America, the Middle East, and the world. As Avi said, Biden’s policies are “harmful to Israel, and therefore harmful to America, and the whole freedom loving world.”

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