What Sudan said proved that peace with Israel is more than possible

by Avi Abelow

One of President Trump’s many accomplishments is the way he brokered Arab peace with Israel. Those before him never succeeded in this way.

Peace with Israel

What is happening in the Middle East is beyond historic. And you have to give credit to President Trump. He has helped many Arab countries establish peace with Israel. That is one of the biggest accomplishments. Although he has had many accomplishments, there is something about this that is unique. We are talking about a complete change in the Middle East.

Whether you like Trump’s style or not, he was able to achieve these peace deals, and no other president before him was able to do it in this magnitude.

Although Sudan is not outwardly defending Israel and admitting that the “Palestinian” cause is all a lie, they are admitting that normalizing ties with Israel is what is best for their people. They ARE admitting that they do not hate Israel. And that is a huge step for a future of peace.

Amidst all that is complicated in the world right now, let’s appreciate the blessings from G-d.

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