“Palestinian” archaeologist uses official PA TV to lie about Israel’s history

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel’s history is crucial to understanding the truth about the tiny Jewish state. Surrounded by countries that spread lies, the history reveals the facts.

Israel’s History

Israel’s history did not start in 1948 like many may think. Let’s just say it started before that. WAY before that. The Jewish people have had a continuous presence in their homeland, the land of Israel, for thousands of years. Archaeologists are uncovering the truth constantly. Everything points to the Jewish people’s existence in the land of Israel.

Yet, despite the facts, the lies continue. The world spreads lies. And so called “Palestinian archaeologists” spread lies. You cannot call yourself an archaeologist if you are going to deny what is being dug up underneath your own feet!

When “Archaeologists” Lie

Listen to this “Palestinian archaeologist” on official PA TV. She claimed there is no evidence of the Jewish people in all of the Land of Israel from 3,000 years ago. But that is so easy to dispute. It is quite ironic that the lies that are spread are easily able to be proved wrong. But sadly, when enough people are spreading these lies, people stop caring about the truth. And that seems to be what has happened over time. Despite the evidence proving that the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people, the world still claims otherwise.

Maybe one day the facts will actually matter. But until then, Israel will just continue to uncover the truth from the ground that is thousands of years old.

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