Archaeological findings in Jerusalem prove the Bible is true

by Phil Schneider

Some people like archaeology, and some people find it a bit boring. But, in the Land of Israel, the ramifications of the findings – especially in the area of Jerusalem – are staggering. They essentially prove the authenticity of the Bible stories. These stories are not from the time of Creation, or the time of Abraham. But they are from the time of King David – 3,000 years ago.

The story of Kings in Jerusalem

The Bible has many stories that surround around the purchase and building of the Temple in Jerusalem. The first formal King of the Jewish people was King Saul. After him, David became the 2nd King of Jerusalem. He did not build the Temple, but he purchased the entire area that would become the location of the 1st and 2nd Temple. King David’s son, Solomon, built the Temple and led a powerful kingdom for decades. But in his children’s lifetime, the Kingdom split into two. There was the Kingdom of Judea and the Kingdom of Israel. It continues like this for centuries. Ultimately, the division of the two Kingdoms led to the dispersion of the 10 tribes of the Kingdom of Israel, and not long after, the 1st Temple was destroyed. It had stood for more than 400 years.

What is amazing is that many of these stories took place approximately 3,000 years ago, around 1,000 B.C.E. Today, City of David archaeologists are finding coins from that time, cobblestone type streets from the time, large structures from that time, and now, the palace of what could have been King David.

To the cynic, this is just interesting. But to the truly honest person, this is indeed proof of the authenticity of the Bible.

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