Gene Simmons, famous rock-star, outsmarts Barack Obama on Israel’s security

by Phil Schneider

Gene Simmons doesn’t only see negative vis-a-vis Barack Obama. But he thinks that Barack Obama does not have a clue on the State of Israel. This is as relevant today as it was during his Presidency, as today, nearly all of the Presidential contenders are echoing Obama’s positions on Israel. But Gene Simmons truly does hit it on the head. Israel’s pre-1967 borders were truly indefensible. There is no way that Israel will go back to what Abba Eban termed the “Auschwitz borders.”

Is it possible that Presidents of the United States can truly be so clueless on matters such as a 9 mile wide country being a mortally dangerous idea? I think the answer is both yes and no. Are they truly clueless. Not really. They have heard the pro-Israel arguments that clearly present the complexities that Israel finds itself in. Many of the leaders of the Democratic party have visited Israel and have seen the precariousness that the State of Israel would be if Israel would go backwards to the time when Israel was a minuscule country. So, are they genuinely against the State of Israel? Perhaps not. But they have a major weakness that they simply cannot overcome. They see Israel today as the Goliath and the Arab minority in Israel as the David, and they simply don’t look at things from the perspective of right and wrong. They look at things from the angle of, “three is a wrong – no matter why – and therefore it needs to be corrected – no matter how.”

The problem is that that entire way of viewing the world is wrong. The key to solving all problems is in understanding the underlying causes and working to remove them. The underlying cause of the problems in the State of Israel are in the opposition of tens of millions of Arabs to the very existence of the State of Israel. So, when that is the main issue that is grappled with, then there is a chance to make real progress. Yes, Israel is not the problem. It is part of the solution of bringing a more Western-minded and open-minded way of life to the Middle East.

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