Why Is Secretary of State Mike Pompeo So Confident That Trump Will Win?

by Micha Gefen

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the following “explosive” statement: “We will have a smooth transition into a 2nd Trump term,” when media asked him about the election.

Either Pompeo is delusional or he knows something the corporatist media doesn’t or refuses to report.

Everyone knows that Pompeo is not delusional. He is an accomplished professional, so why would he be confident of Trump’s victory?

The simple answer is that the USA is now in a Cold Civil War. Each side has their propoganda arm and each side is making moves against the other using every available means.

Pompeo is confident, because the Consitution is on the side of President Trump. The Constitution gives the power to the State Legislatures to decide the list electors that will report to the Electoral College for their state. What has happened over the years is that each state legislature defers to the will of the people and slates the electors according to the popular vote in their state.

This has been the process going all the way back to Jackson. The people in each state vote for the president and the legislature honors that vote giving the state’s secretary of state the power to certify the votes. However, the legislature can ignore the popular vote in the state as was done in 1876; when there was widespread voting irregularities similar to the situation now.

This is why Pompeo is confident because in a world where we cannot trust the raw popular vote in particular states, then it is incumbant on the State Legislature to either refrain from certifying the results or pick an alternate slate of electors.

Trump’s path to victory is essentially to win a lawsuit to prevent the certification of the Penssylvania results and freeze the certification of the Michigan and/or Wisconsin results. This is all happening now.

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