Former Democratic Illinois Governor: “They’re now stealing a presidency”

by Phil Schneider

For anybody that was old enough to remember the Kennedy assassination, the question that has been discussed ad infinitum is whether or not there was a cover-up and a conspiracy. Was Lee Harvey Oswald a lone shooter? Was there another shooter on the grassy knoll? For more than 50 years, this has been discussed. There is a good chance that rumors and debates about the 2020 election will go on for decades too. Was there a conspiracy to insure that Donald Trump not be reelected?

In order for President Trump to succeed in his legal challenge, he will have to prove that multiple states had massive cheating in the middle of the night following election day. Most people in America are probably not shocked to hear that there were some irregularities going on. Election cheating is as old as elections are. But, it is one thing to say that there was some cheating. It is quite another matter to prove that there was massive cheating in multiple cities across the United States.

The key word is going to be “prove.” Even if there is much truth to the Trump allegations, proving that they are indeed true will be quite another thing. Perhaps the most practical change that will come out of the election confusion will be a landmark Supreme Court decision authorizing measures that will restore the confidence of the American people in their electoral process. Today, many Trump supporters who may be resigned to a lost election still believe that Trump did not indeed lose.

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