UN human rights lawyer exposes the UN helping China commit genocide

by Leah Rosenberg

This is horrifying and shocking, to say the least. The UN is helping China torture Uyghur dissidents. And it is not something new!

The UN is Worse Than We Thought

Not only does the UN not do good, but they actively do bad. And it is not only against Israel.

People may know of the way that Israel is treated at the United Nations. They get constant negative attention, and it is all based on lies. But it is not only Israel that the UN mistreats. This UN human rights lawyer, Emma Reilly, has officially exposed how horrific this organization really is. Uyghurs are not only suffering at the hands of the Chinese government. The United Nations is responsible for their suffering as well! And this is not something new, as the lawyer has pointed out. It has been going on for years!

How can this be? How can the United Nations be so twisted and corrupt?

Emma Reilly has the proof. This is not something she is claiming without evidence. We are talking about criminal acts here. China must be brought to justice!

Why don’t people care? You don’t have to personally know any Uyghurs to know how wrong this is. You don’t have to know any Uyghurs to feel horrified by what China does to them and how the UN helps China!

When will justice be served?

Ramallah Lynch 20 Years Later
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