“Palestinian” Authority Deputy PM promises there won’t be peace

by Abi

What he says here just proves that the “Palestinian” leadership is not interested in peace. We all know what happens when Israel gives up land.

Land for Peace? Think Again.

What the “Palestinian” Authority Deputy PM is essentially saying here is that if Israel withdraws its towns and communities from Judea and Samaria, then there will be peace.

But we all know that story. At least those people who are aware of history know. Giving precious Jewish land to the “Palestinian” people does not result in any sort of peace. In fact, the opposite. It results in more terrorism. Take a look at Gaza. Israel completely withdrew from that strip of land in 2005. The “Palestinians” were left with beautiful greenhouses and landscape. And their leadership destroyed it. Gaza became a terror zone. There was no peace. And aside from Hamas terrorizing Israel, Arabs within Gaza are also terrorized by Hamas.

And now the leadership wants to tell Israel to remove its citizens from its ancient land? Absolutely not.

It is Jewish Land

Aside from the fact that land for peace does not work, this is ancient Jewish land we are talking about! This land belongs to the Jewish people – and it has for thousands of years. G-d gave the land of Israel to the Jewish nation. What the world likes to refer to as the “West Bank” is really called Judea and Samaria. And what the world likes to refer to as “settlements” are not tents pitched up on so-called “Palestinian” land. These “settlements” are in facts towns and cities; communities. And they are built upon JEWISH land.

Before anyone accuses Israel of anything, they should study the Bible. They should learn history. And they should seek the truth.


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