What G-d is trying to tell the world leaders of today

by Leah Rosenberg

World leaders all have different characteristics and things that make them good leaders or bad leaders. But this one thing is what can make a leader great.

World Leaders and Parents

The message in this video is for world leaders and parents. And it is for anyone who has people looking at them for guidance. Teachers have students watching. Rabbis have congregations looking at them.

This message is about leadership.

Abraham was an example of what leadership should be like.

There is a phrase, “Do as I say and not as I do.” How wrong that is. Although we do not always want our children, or followers, to watch everything we do and to then copy us, the reality is that they do. They see us when we don’t realize. They watch how we respond to different situations. We cannot ask our children to be patient if we ourselves are not. We cannot ask our children to say please and thank you if they see that we do not.

Of course, everyone makes mistakes – including history’s greatest leaders. That is part of being human. But we must strive to lead by example.

Anyone who has a following, whether it be students, children, or a nation, must live by example. They must live how they want their “followers” to live. It is much easier to just use our words to dictate how we want our followers to act. But that shows poor leadership and will result in the followers not listening.

There is a saying “Be the leader you would follow.” BE. Do not use words. Just BE.

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