What it means to honor your parents

by Leah Rosenberg

It is one of the Ten Commandments to honor your parents. It is beyond important. Yet, so many of us struggle to truly honor them.

Honor Your Parents

The Bible is filled with commandments. They are to help us become the best we can be and to become close with God. The commandments, or mitzvot, help us better the world. God wants us to be partners in fixing the imperfect world that we live in. And every mitzvah we do brings more good into the world.

The mitzvah to honor your parents is not easy. But it is necessary. This video gives us a small glimpse of how we should relate to our parents. How much do they do for us? How have they given so much so that we can have so much? Parents want their children to succeed. We should show our parents how much we appreciate them. And we should honor them.

Change Your Perspective

In this video, it first shows what we may think of our parents. But then when we complete the sentence in a different way, we see things differently. For example, maybe we think our parents are so difficult. But really, they are “difficult to repay for all they’ve done for us.” The list goes on and on of what we might think, but then how we can change the end of the sentence. It may not be easy, but most things that are worth it take at least some amount of effort.

Just open your eyes. Be thankful. How will you honor your parents today?

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