Santa Claus puts on Tefillin (Jewish phylacteries)

by Leah Rosenberg

It is not everyday you will see Santa Claus putting on Jewish phylacteries. But when you are in Israel, you are bound to see a Jewish Santa!

Jewish Santa Puts on Tefillin

How often do you see Santa Claus doing something Jewish? Well, when you are in Israel, it will definitely happen. This Jewish man was dressed up as Santa Claus – a Jewish Santa! Israel is definitely a unique place. That is for sure! This Jewish Santa allowed a rabbi to put Tefillin on him. Tefillin are phylacteries that Jewish men wear in the morning when they pray to God. It is a daily ritual. But not all Jewish men are religious and some do not don their phylacteries daily. These men can still have the opportunity to put on Tefillin later in the day if they did not do so in the morning. It is a Mitzvah (commandment) from God for Jewish men to wear Tefillin. And to help another man put on his Tefillin is also a Mitzvah!

Helping Others Come Close to God

Jewish people who are following God’s ways often like to show other Jewish people how beautiful the Bible and Judaism are. Often times, members of the Chabad Hasidic movement will go out of their way to help other Jews come close to God. It is common that you will find Chabad Hasidim putting Tefillin on other Jewish men. The importance of wearing Tefillin is so great that they want others to benefit as well.

And that is why you will find one Jewish man helping a Jewish Santa properly wear phylacteries!

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