This is what the United Nations won’t condemn

by Leah Rosenberg

Hamas terror has been nonstop over the last 31 years. And that is what they celebrate. Children with guns. Murder. It is sickening!

31 Years of Hamas Terror

Hamas celebrated 31 years of their terrorist acts. Some people celebrate birthdays, life, happiness, babies being born. Hamas celebrates murder, death, and children with guns and weapons. They applaud young kids who want to go out and murder Jews. Hamas is known to be a terrorist organization. That is an accepted truth. Listen to the way Hamas terrorists brainwash children. One child said, “If Hamas were not in power, the Jews would come to us. If Hamas had not carried out attacks and resistance. May Allah bless all the fighters.” Another kid said, “We love resistance because it protects us from the Zionist enemy.”

And then there are the Hamas “songs.” It is all just disturbing. Hamas uses children and children’s joy such as music and toys to teach destruction and death. So wouldn’t it be logical for the entire world to condemn such terrorism?

The UN Doesn’t Condemn Terrorism

Somehow, the United Nations cannot manage to condemn Hamas terror. Pure, blatant terrorism. Hamas is not hiding it. It is obvious for everyone to see. The fact that the UN finds it necessary to criticize Israel constantly but NOT Hamas is another level of absurdity. Will the United Nations, the body that is supposed to uphold peace and justice in the world, ever get it right? Do they know the difference between good and evil? Because right now, they seem to be confused.

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