Biden’s Support Beginning To Bleed In The Final Stage Of The Election

by Micha Gefen

That’s correct. Biden’s support is beginning to bleed just when he needs it the most – as the final certification date approaches on Dec. 13th.

True, the corporatist media insists that Biden is the “president-elect,” but President Trump and his team understood from the getgo that the Dems would try to steal the election using mass mail-in-ballot fraud.

Biden’s fairweather supporters are already beginning to question whether his support of increased lockdowns as well as leftist threats to send Trump backers off to the “virtual gulag” is genuinely helpful and may being regretting their decision.

Biden needs rank and file support on the local level to buttress his claims that he should be President. No amount of corporatist media can help him. Remember, there has been no certified winner and the state legislatures in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are Republican. It is they who have the power to certify results. If enough evidence is shown that there was fraud in these states as well as mass rallies in the same locations, those legislatures may conveniently certify their electors for President Trump.

As the left/progressive wing of the Democrat party along with their foot soldiers Antifa and BLM pull their support from the globalist wing’s candidate – Joe Biden, he will bleed the necessary energy he needs to see these legal challenges through.

The next two weeks are critical and the ground energy is with the Trump administration.

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