Ilhan Omar used her election win to spread a vicious blood libel about Israel

by Leah Rosenberg

Ilhan Omar is at it again with her antisemitism. How can anyone claim that she does not hate Israel and the Jewish people? This is actually absurd!

Ilhan Omar and her Antisemitism

Is this the first time that Ilhan Omar has publicly shared her antisemitic thoughts? Not even close to it. And sadly, it most likely will not be the last. You can argue that maybe she was just misinformed about the situation here. Except that argument does not work for someone like Ilhan Omar. Spreading blood libels like this recent one is the norm for Omar.

She has compared Israel to Iran and to Nazi Germany. She supports the BDS movement which calls for the destruction of the Jewish state.

People do not question Omar like they should. No one cares about the truth or the facts. People who follow her and worship her believe her – no matter how hostile she is toward Israel and the Jewish people. And she knows that she is lying. She purposely spreads the lies and the hate.

Omar and Her Hate for AMERICA

It is not only Israel she hates. It is America. She is a dangerous woman!

Did people already forget the way she talked about 9/11 and said, “Some people did something?” Did people already forget the way she laughed in the face of terrorism?

It is truly shameful that she is in the American congress. She is brutal to America and America’s allies. It is enough! Americans have to wake up to how detrimental she is to American society. The truth matters, and more people should want to hear it.


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