Antisemitism in New York City is out of control!

by Avi Abelow

Antisemitism in New York City is only getting worse. Incident after incident. Attack after attack. Have the Jews not experienced enough persecution already?

Antisemitism in New York City

Dov Hikind is a Jewish American politician in New York. And he is outraged by the antisemitism in New York City. He is begging the mayor, Mayor de Blasio, to take action; not just merely to condemn it. Jews are being targeted in New York City more than any other group of people – just because they are Jews. That is not the type of country America wants to turn into. We cannot just stand by and watch as New York becomes like Germany in the 1930s; where Jews are assaulted and attacked while walking outside as proud Jews. Synagogues throughout the United States are being attacked. Jews are being injured, murdered. Enough of the hate! Enough of the antisemitism!

Will Our Leaders Take a Stand?

Some leaders have taken a stand against antisemitism. But some have not. They ignore it. They act like it is not a major issue in the United States. Congresswomen Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib have only made things worse. Not only do they not condemn antisemitism, not only do they ignore it, but they have actually encouraged it.

It is New York City and Pittsburgh. It is Poway. And sadly, antisemitism has reached many more states and cities in the free country of America besides those three. Take action. Do not just stand by and watch as Jews wait in fear for the next antisemitic attack.

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