Dr. Kedar supports the REAL right of return for Arabs!

by Phil Schneider

There are all kinds of people who have ideas about how to solve Arab-Israeli issues. But most of them have been educated via textbooks or an occasional visit in the Middle East. They are trying to solve problems that they have very little understanding of the true nature of the problem. They have a reasonable understanding of the the nature of the psyche of the Israeli side. But the Arab side of the conflict is much more complex. Not much has changed in the last few hundred years among many of the Arabs in the conflict. But that doesn’t mean that most people truly understand the nature of the Arab psyche. Dr. Kedar and a few others are in a different category. They talk, listen, and understand the Arabs – in Arabic. They understand the difference between rhetoric and reality. When Arabs say they want to destroy the Jewish State and kick the Jewish people off the Land, they understand to what extent this is an expression of reality or just mere words.

Jealousy of the Jewish State

The Arab countries around the State of Israel have taken baby steps toward modernity. Lebanon has probably gone backwards towards the Middle Ages in the last decade under the influence of the Hizbullah. Syria has been embroiled in a Civil War for the last decade or so. So, progress there has been negative. Egypt, Jordan, and Saudi Arabia have made some small steps in the positive direction. But they also are not completely different than they used to be 20 or 30 years ago. On the other side, the Jewish State has emerged as a hi-tech superpower with a booming economy. Nearly every major technological investment house wants a piece of the action of Israeli ingenuity. The State of Israel is truly a beacon of progress in an area filled with ancient practices that hold back progress. The role of women, treatment of minorities, and everything relating to freedom of religion are things that ONLY the State of Israel has made major progress on in the last few decades. Dr. Kedar understands this well. Listen to his words of wisdom.

Arab Incitement
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