What’s really going on with Israel, Iran, and Syria?

by Phil Schneider

Israel’s northern border has been the #1 hotbed for Israel for nearly 30 years. It is a complex web of Iranian backed militias in Syria and Lebanon that have never stopped attempting to create havoc for Israel. For this reason, Israel has needed to stay vigilant and keep a large amount of forces stationed on it’s borders with Lebanon and Syria.

The United States has shown itself to be both a reliable and unreliable ally to the State of Israel. In general, the Republican administrations of George W. Bush and Donald Trump have been very supportive of Israel’s efforts to thwart Iran’s buildup of weapons in the region. The Clinton administration was generally supportive of Israel too. However, the Obama administration presented the State of Israel with a basically hostile US President that opposed Israel’s drive to rid the Middle East of the Iranian nuclear threat. Put simply, Barack Obama believed then – and today – that Israel should not be the dominant military force in the Middle East. He believed that Israel should make land concessions to it’s enemies too. He was OK with the idea of the Jewish State bleeding a bit in order to not allow Israel to be so brazen as to deny what he called the “legitimate” claim of Palestinians to a State of their own.

Today, Israel has a staunch ally in the White House. But things change in the Oval Office every 4 or 8 years. In addition, China has come to the rescue of Iran, so that Iran will now have the financial backing they sorely need to weather the storm of sanctions from the US. Israel has a tricky diplomatic struggle to deal with now. They must keep Iran’s weapons build up program from growing while also engaging other countries outside of the United States so that Israel is never left alone on the world diplomatic stage.

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