The parody on racism that explains “Woke America”

by Leah Rosenberg

This parody on racism says it all. Sometimes things need to be said in a different way to get the point across. This is a must-see!

Parody on Racism

It seems like it would be wrong to have a parody on racism. But the thing is, this video does not mock the fact that racism exists. It mocks the fact that those claiming to fight against racism in “woke America” are actually the racists. They are the ones spreading hate and violence. Black Lives Matter is by no means good for Black people or White people or anyone. It is not reforming America, it is destroying it.

It is sad how accurate this video is. It is sad that a video like this even needs to be made in the first place.

When a Black Policeman Spoke Up

A Black cop in Portland named Jakhary Jackson spoke up against BLM protesters and the violent riots. He told horrific stories from the frontlines. Protesters claiming to defend Black people and stand up for their rights were actually being racist to Jackson. Can you imagine? How twisted is the BLM Movement? It is not about Blacks. It is about wreaking havoc throughout America, and Jackson’s stories only show a few examples of that.

How much longer before people realize the amount of damage BLM is doing to the country? How much longer before the intelligent people supporting them wake up to the truth? If we are being honest, you really can’t wait much longer.

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