Black cop shares shocking stories from the frontlines of BLM riots

by Leah Rosenberg

These BLM riots are not what the media makes them out to be. They are not peaceful, and they are not fighting for equality. Actually, they are racist.

The Truth about BLM Riots

If you won’t believe this Black policeman about the racism he experienced at BLM riots from the rioters, who will you believe?

It is horrific listening to the stories he shares. It just proves that these protests have absolutely nothing to do with helping stop racism. The protests are just violent looters trying to destroy America. It is about the radical Left trying to destroy the freedom that Americans are privileged to have and instead, they are trying to implement a Marxist culture.

Forgetting History

This police officer pointed out how frightening it is to forget history. He is a brave man for standing up and speaking out against a movement who claims that his life matters. And he is brave for continuing to be a policeman and defend America in such turbulent times.

George Santayana said, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

These protestors claim they fight against racism, and yet exactly what they claim they fight against is how they are acting.

BLM is dividing the country, not unifying it. Supporting them is supporting a racist and broken America. This movement is breaking America into pieces that hopefully can one day be put back together.

But for now, maybe some of these rioters should start with learning the proper history of the country they claim to hate.

Dr. Risch

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