Ben Shapiro tears apart the viral ‘Systemic Racism Explained’ video

by Leah Rosenberg

Does systemic racism exist in America? No. There are people who want you to think it does, but if you look at the facts, it is just not true.

Systemic Racism? Think Again.

All Ben Shapiro did was bring the facts – the truth. Many Democrats want you to think systemic racism exists in the United States. The systemic racism video that Shapiro goes through seems legitimate to those who don’t know the facts. Some people believe whatever they hear.

But the problem with believing whatever you hear, even if it seems heartbreaking and real, is that you often get sold by lies. When it comes to the concept of systemic racism, it just is not based on facts. Shapiro went through the entire video to share the truth. The least people can do is listen.

The Damage it Does

These false videos about racism in America do a lot of damage to society. It makes Americans believe that America needs to be completely reformed because of horrific policies.

The truth? Yes, America (as well as every country) can always improve. There are always points of imperfection. But to claim that America as a whole is a racist country is ludicrous. It is just false. It is not based on facts.

Since when did Americans stop caring about the facts and the truth? THAT is something that needs to change. People need to start seeking the truth and stop following a political agenda that is completely flawed and filled with falsehood.

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