Israel’s environmental goal for 2030 is helping the Earth Go Green

by Phil Schneider

Global warming has gone from being a controversial issue with those who think it is a major issue and those who think it is an overblown concern. There is now clear proof that there is indeed a threat to our planet that requires international coordinated action.

Israel is one of the places in the world near the equator that has enormous amounts of solar energy that it can use if properly used. Israel is not an exclusively warm country. But nearly every location in Israel is rather hot and sunny or very windy. Some areas are even hot and windy. This has created a new renewable energy trend across Israel’s Negev. When one travels across Israel’s southern desert area, there are massive solar energy farms. This can be doubled and tripled rather easily over the next few years as it is the area in Israel with the most wide open expanses.

But the more interesting areas of renewable energy are in wind. Israel’s central area, Judea and Samaria, plus the Golan Heights are very windy areas that are very high topographically. One of the things that Israel and the Palestinian Authority can work together on is renewable energy. More of these things should be coordinated in order to bring up a more prosperous future. Disputed areas can often become more peaceful when there is more prospering going on in the grassroots. That may lead to more people having more to lose if there is strife in the region. Renewable energy benefits everyone with nearly no downside.

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