CNN must report IDF soldier’s response to “Palestinian” rock throwing

by Leah Rosenberg

If someone was attacking you, you would do whatever you could to stop them. This IDF soldier responded to rock throwing in a way that most wouldn’t.

IDF Soldier Responds Without Force

This short video says a lot about IDF soldiers and specifically, this IDF soldier. It is not easy to be in the Israeli army. Not only do you have to constantly defend yourself, your people, and your country physically, but the world is out to make you look bad. The world is out to make every action you do seem like you are oppressing “Palestinians,” even when you are not.

This IDF soldier did not fight back with force when he was pelted with rocks. Why doesn’t CNN show you this? Why doesn’t MSNBC tell you about the terrorists who try to harm Israeli soldiers and that Israeli soldiers act with restraint when they are able to?

Well, because that would completely destroy their anti-Israel narrative. It would actually show the truth about Israel and the IDF, and the mainstream media is just not going to do that.

What Israel Faces on a Daily Basis

What you just saw is an example of the violence that Israeli soldiers and citizens face on a daily basis. These examples don’t make the news headlines, but they are happening constantly. If that happened anywhere else besides Israel, the world’s response would be different. But Israel is expected to tolerate such violence and not respond with force. And if they do, they are called the aggressor. That is just not the full side of the story. Only seeing half the story not only gives you half the picture, but it changes the entire picture.

Although this soldier responded here by essentially not responding, it does not make it wrong if Israeli soldiers respond with more force. If someone was throwing stones at you, wouldn’t you fight back, too? Isn’t it a natural human response to defend oneself? And on top of that, wouldn’t you think it was crazy if someone framed you and claimed you were the attacker?

Do you get it?

Motivation for Terror
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