A Warning To All Americans – They Are Using Diversity To Destroy You

by Micha Gefen

The current racial tensions that many had assumed were long buried in the USA are becoming the nation’s single most dangerous tool for its own demise.

Despite the fact that the USA cherishes its diversity, nefarious elements are using these differences to create fear and distrust in the populace. The MSM is being used to propagate false narratives which increases the idea that there is in fact systemic racism in the USA – when evidence says the exact the opposite.

What we are witnessing in the USA is beginning stages of a communist revolution that uses America’s diversity as a weapon. Young adults are literally being brainwashed to thinking that life is unfair for minorities.

Academic institutions, the media, and corporations are all in on taking down and transforming America.

As America becomes more tribal and less unified, the actual dismemberment of the greatest country on Earth will in fact be offered as a solution.

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